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Bridge Innovations
Bridge Innovations is a venture building platform for medical device start-ups. We combine innovative ideas from early stage start-ups, technology incubators, entrepreneurs and physicians-inventors with experience of our team that includes product development and regulatory professionals, marketing and business advisors, reimbursement and intellectual property experts to rapidly create fundable opportunities and efficiently build successful medical device companies. Bridge Innovations’ primary focus is on instrumentation for advanced minimally-invasive surgical and interventional procedures, energy-based therapeutic devices and imaging technologies. We leverage our worldwide relationships with major medical device companies, leading healthcare institutions and a network of investors to enable start-ups to develop meaningful value-driven solutions that offer superior clinical outcomes and achieve their strategic goals. When medtech start-ups join our community, they gain access to professional expertise, state-of-the-art product development and manufacturing facilities, assistance with fundraising as well as many other critical resources and services.
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