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CenterPoint Partners
Provide hands-on project and advisory involvement with management teams to help them achieve their business vision and accomplish financial and other commitments including brand development, staffing and organization development. CenterPoint Partners ( team members each have 25+ years of experience across diverse end-markets, industries and channels – consumer, industrial and service – in low/high tech environments. CenterPoint tailors the project to identify and resolve critical challenges real-time, as well as providing ongoing advisory guidance (strategic to operational) to maintain progress. Team experience covers president/CEO, functional areas, board and consulting for public to entrepreneurial held companies. CenterPoint begins with the company’s background and value-add proposition, reviews the three year business objectives and key project initiatives to “get there from here”. Action plans, target results and resources needed (over the timeframe) are identified and step-wise plans are prepared. CenterPoint aims to fill in management’s experience or capability gaps and brings in other capabilities when needed. The founder of CenterPoint has been President of three companies, served on 8 boards of various manufacturing and service businesses, and consulted for major public and privately held businesses including mentoring four start-ups. Other team members have similar background.
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