Don Logan; Next Level Growth -- Hands-on Help to Get Your Business to the Next Level.

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Don Logan; Next Level Growth -- Hands-on Help to Get Your Business to the Next Level.
I am an entrepreneurial business advisor with over 30 years of multi-functional experience in accelerating small business growth -- with broad-based skills in business operations, client services, sales/marketing, finance/administration, merger & acquisition and exit planning. I work with the founders of promising small businesses struggling to get to the next level -- they have products and revenues, but are still too small and/or lacking key attributes that would enable them to achieve whatever current goals the founders may have. My focus is on helping such companies get to their next level. I team with the founders to assess current business needs/challenges – first setting specific goals and milestones for the company... then working hands-on on a part-time basis to help achieve these milestones, taking an active role as part of their senior team to get their business to where they want it to be. I feel that there is an increasing number of businesses in the local market with solid concepts and products, who need access to senior talent across many areas in order to scale their company... yet at their current stage may have difficulty bringing on such resources full-time. Therefore, my ability to wear 'multiple hats' and contribute across several functions -- combined with my flexibility in providing a contract-based resource vs. full-time, and my willingness to share risk by deferring a portion of compensation against performance-milestone achievement -- offers a unique value proposition for these companies. As a result, I have built a management consulting practice around this 'hands-on' model, typically engaging with three to four small businesses at any given time -- while also reserving a portion of my time to provide mentoring assistance with several others, on an introductory basis. Always interested in learning about new situations, where I may be able to contribute.
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