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WHAT The only coworking space in Connecticut’s Design District and Google eCity for creative professionals in design, advertising, marketing, interactive, publishing and technology. WHY We created SoNo Spaces in 2011 as an extension of the way our own work styles had evolved. Since 2008, we began to work remotely from other US cities, and in places like Berlin and Paris when traveling for business. We became interested in the share culture cultivating in Manhattan and Brooklyn because of the rising costs of real estate, and the need to collaborate on resources. We had friends that were pioneering in the coworking arena, and we attended many events in different coworking locations. For us, the idea of having 1,800 square feet of often-unoccupied office space in South Norwalk prompted the natural decision to convert it to a coworking space. Since 2007, we held collaborative design and learning events in the space as part of our PUSH workshops initiative. At first we considered the standard model many use and allowing daily, weekly, walk-in or even by the hour use. We quickly realized that for us, a much better fit would be for longer term relationships with individuals and small companies. We didn’t want our focus to be administrating short-term memberships in an environment that might become more distracting than productive. We wanted to nurture a culture that would help other professionals grow their businesses in the heart of downtown SoNo, Connecticut’s design district. At heart, we are always about community. For us, community can be found throughout the world. While we have created our own coworking space in Connecticut, we also have collaborative offices at WeWork SoHo West in New York City, and have worked remotely in other cities throughout the US and in many European cities including: Zurich, Basel, Milan, Venice, Toulon, Fabriano, Cannes, Florence, Brussels, Antwerp, Berlin, Paris, London, Buenos Aires and Barcelona. We believe that collaboration is not tied to one community or another, but is a universal truth that expands exponentially. Join us at SoNo Spaces: a cozy space to incubate your business in a charming city, with an international view. WHO SoNo Spaces is Karl Heine of creativeplacement and DesignerJournals; and kHyal of fiZz Agency, Free Range Copy and MegaGlam (also Cofounders at PUSH workshops and kHyal + Karl) — with an assist by Tyler Jayson: motion graphics aficionado, graphic designer and technologist.
Phone 203-838-5555
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