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Visual Facilitation and Graphic Recording
As an IT executive leading technology transformations, I discovered the power of visual facilitation to drive quicker understanding, deeper comprehension, memory retention, and more powerful problem solving skills. This is NOT Microsoft PowerPoint! This is old-school use of paper and markers to: -ILLUSTRATE ideas -ILLUMINATE problems and solutions -INCREASE collaboration and team buy-in -MAXIMIZE impact during and after meetings Visual facilitation allows for ideas and conversation to flow as the picture takes form - the imperfect nature of the drawings allowing for contributions and corrections from everyone involved! As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words” – and visual facilitation -ENGAGES both sides of the brain, helping to make information “stick” -CREATES new CONNECTIONS of ideas and understanding, increasing the IMPACT of your meetings and presentations Uses of this technique for your organization could include but not limited to: -Meeting and Presentation Effectiveness: What is the record of your meeting? Does anyone take meeting minutes? Does anyone read them and then actually use them to drive action forward? -Organization/Performance Goal Achievement: Are your annual and strategic goals visible, understood, and woven into the fabric of everyday behaviors, actions, decisions, so that everyone is “living” them? -Operational and Project Delivery Success: Are you confident in the status of your operations and project deliveries and effectively managing risks and issues against the agreed upon plan and target? These visual representations will be utilized again and again to engage your teams, customers, and leaders to drive action and change. ​Contact me today and let's customize an approach for you!
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